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2 tours


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6 tours

Darjeeling & Sikkim

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  • The trek to Stok Kangri was beautiful and tough. Even though it was summer the mountain was covered in snow and it was freezing cold. We pushed ourselves and kept the spirit high. By sunrise we made it to the summit. What a sight! We were happy and relieved. No words can describe what we felt at that moment. We loved every minute of that trip!
    Also in the camps we were enjoying ourselves and playing cards in the sun by the river with the guides and other people we met along the way. It was an unforgettable trip indeed – Thank you!

    Camilla Jakobsen and Malene Jakobsen
  • From the moment we stepped out of the airplane, we knew this trip would be an unforgettable one – a trip we would clearly remember for the rest of our lives.
    We went on a 7 days’ trek in Ladakh, which turned out to be a very different route than planned. Because of bad weather we needed to change the route. Luckily we had the most wonderful guide with us who did everything he could to find a route which would be safe and still give us the exciting trek we had expected to go on. Sitting on a top of a mountain is the most peaceful and lovely experience we have ever had. We are definitely going to climb some of these mountains again .. and maybe again!

    Louise Nedergaard and Julie Nedergaard
  • Life is like a book, each page of it is a leaving experience. In a short time, you made me love your beautiful country! I will come back!! Thank you for all you did for me!

    Fabry Martine
  • Travelling to the Himalayas is an experience that stays with you all your life and Tread Trails Rejse made it extra special – Thank you! The mountain stories – some folk, some real, interaction with locals, locations, monuments, the flora and fauna, the food, trekking that one can never get out of your mind! I would definitely recommend you guys to everyone I meet

    Sandhya Santosh
  • Trekking was like being in the middle of paradise/ some views just took out breath away! Thank you for what you made possible for us.

    Levina Mink
  • Thanks for everything it was a really great trip!

    Joanne El Choueiri

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