+91 9810-850-270 info@treadtrails.com
+91 9810-850-270 info@treadtrails.com

About Us


We keep revisiting and reinventing our tours – each one is personally designed for a highly personalized experience


We are trained mountaineers. Sapan is known for as a genius mechanic!


Our trips benefit the local communities, help preserve the environment & ecology and leave minimum impact.


Our profit supports education for children in our village Bijanbari through Unbound Futures Foundation.

Some India facts from our experience:

  • India never ceases to amaze you.
  • Wherever you go, you will always be greeted with a smile!
  • There is a Jugaad (some sort of fix) for everything – yeah you read it right!
  • You can always ‘run away’ from the weather – thanks to the huge size of the country.
  • Shit happens! But help is always around, you just have to keep a positive attitude.

So keep Smiling and keep traveling!

Our Story:

Travel is a way of life for us and we live by this motto. We are a brother – sister duo from the beautiful hills of Darjeeling. Having grown up all around the country, thanks to our father’s stint with the Indian army, we have been lucky to travel all our lives. Our parents’ guide us in our endeavour and often accompany our recce trips and explorations.

During our travels, we bumped in to some lovely people from around the world, with many crash-landing at our house in Delhi. Friendship formed during travel is genuine and often lifelong. India is huge! – More like a continent because of it’s size and amalgamation of different culture, religion etc. We love to share & exchange our stories & experiences and are always ready for a cup of Chai.

This has fuelled our desire to help fellow travellers and explorers to experience our beautiful country; thus was born the company, Tread Trails Rejse Pvt. Ltd.

Come explore this beautiful land with us and create your amazing stories!